What the heck are Goodie Baskets anyway?

In order to understand what goodie baskets are, we first need to understand what "goodies" are. The dictionary describes goodies as:

1) any objects, rewards or prizes considered particularly desirable, attractive or pleasurable.

2) something attractive or delectable, especially something sweet to eat.

With that being said, Goodie Baskets must be baskets full of items one deems pleasurable! Who wouldn't want to receive a gift like that!

Depending on the individual, Goodie Baskets could contain an endless array of desirable items. If you know what a person likes, the hobbies they participate in, their interests etc., you could put together many different options to honor them.

Gone are the days that people need a special occasion to give away Goodie Baskets as a gift. A great date would call for a picnic in the park, and so people give might fill one with wine and cheese for example. Other choices could be snacks and fruit, chocolates and flowers, nuts, candles or herbal teas.

Of course there are many life celebrations that people choose to send out goodie baskets as well. Maybe someone who was the finalist in a sports event, there is graduation day, christening, births, weddings, Bah Mitzvah, the list goes on.

As the dictionary definition infers, the term goodie often relates to something good to eat. However, there are many other types of goodie baskets that are unrelated to food. Imagine a basket filled with spa and massage items, or a profession specific basket, for instance a teacher gift could be filled school supplies. Think hairdresser, nurses, doctors, fireman, creativity is the only deterrent.

Of course you can explore on your own and find a combination of attractive items that you can use and put together by yourself, or you can use the great term that is now found officially in the dictionary, and that is "google" it for ideas. If you don't trust your ability to be creative there are many choices available where you can purchase ready-made baskets that can be delivered right to someone's door.

Whether you choose to make one yourself or use professionals, the recipients of your goodie baskets will no doubt delight in receiving a gift that is literally described as being "delectable!"


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