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Here's To Your Health

Here's To Your Health
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Appeal to their good taste (and their health-conscious life style) with our sensational selection of gourmet snack foods! Inside a handy pail with drop handle,they'll discover delicious snackssuch as Quaker rice cakes, Post Grape nuts trail mix bars, SunMaid yogurt covered raisins and more.

• 6" Metal Pail
• Baked lays chips
• Rold Gold Pretzels
• Baked Sun Chips
• Planters peanuts
• 100 Calorie pack Toasted Wheat Thins
• 2- 40 calorie Gold Fish packs
• Quaker Oats Chocolate Drizzle rice snacks
• Sun Maid yogurt covered raisins
• 2-All natural fat free microwave popcorn
• 2 - Quacker Trail Mix Bars


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