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Here's To Your Health

Here's To Your Health
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Appeal to their good taste (and their health-conscious life style) with our sensational selection of gourmet snack foods! Inside a handy pail with drop handle,they'll discover delicious snacks
such as Quaker rice cakes, Post Grape nuts trail mix bars, SunMaid yogurt covered raisins and more.

6" Metal Pail
Baked lays chips
Rold Gold Pretzels
Baked Sun Chips
Planters peanuts
100 Calorie pack Toasted Wheat Thins
2- 40 calorie Gold Fish packs
Quaker Oats Chocolate Drizzle rice snacks
Sun Maid yogurt covered raisins
2-All natural fat free microwave popcorn
2 - Quacker Trail Mix Bars

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   Here's To Your Health 

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