Poll Reveals Top Reasons For Sending Goodie Baskets

In a recent poll, the question was asked: "If you were sending goodie baskets, what event would you send them for?"

 The choices given were narrowed down to the following categories:

1. Thank You               

2. Holiday           

3. Birthday

4. Baby                         

5. Get Well          

6. Wedding

7. Just for Fun

Those that responded to the poll had a hard time pinning down their decision to make just one choice and so tended to give their top two choices. The results may surprise you, are there any guesses as to the #1 one goodie baskets category? If you guessed Thank You goodie baskets, you would be correct. Surprised? I was, and so I tried to think of reasons within that category you might send goodie baskets for, and here are a few that I came up with:

Thank you for your help, thank you for being there, thank you for years of service, for a job well done, for your support, or even thanks, for just being you! I am sure you can think of many more ideas as well.

It makes sense that it would be the number one choice since it has many possible subcategories within its own category. So, it also makes sense that the second choice for sending out goodie baskets, was for Holidays. Think about how many holidays there are throughout the year that would be appropriate to send goodie baskets as gifts. This is another category that has many, many subcategories.

Closely following in third place was Get Well goodie baskets, which of course is an obvious reason for sending out a gift. As you might expect, the fourth choice was for Baby goodie baskets and fifth place was a tie breaker for Birthdays and Weddings. Coming up the rear in last place was sending goodie baskets, Just for Fun! That was sad news for me, this is a category that is not only massively under-utilized, but it is the one category that gives the most powerful message of all.

The other categories, although yes, they are important and don't get me wrong, very much appreciated, but they all have one thing in common. There is a "reason" for those goodie baskets to be sent. The category, Just for Fun, does not have a reason and so is not limited in any way, shape or form as to why it is sent. Think about it!

You might be thinking, "Are there goodie baskets out there that are made for that category?" The answer is YES, absolutely! Here are a few examples of Just for Fun goodie baskets: Picnic Hamper, Movie Madness, Master of the Grill, Popcorn Pack, Kosher Snacks, Coke Pack, Café Delight, Here Health, Junk Food and Snack Attack.

Next time you are sending out goodie baskets for a reason, check out the other options available, and then choose someone you love to send a basket to, Just for Fun!

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