Survey Results.....Gifts for Halloween!

 Is giving gifts for Halloween necessary? Don't kids already receive excess gifts of candy by trick or treating? Do people actually participate in Halloween as much as they used too? Is Halloween a dying holiday or just getting bigger? Find out the scary results listed below....

The survey is done, the numbers have been tallied and the facts are clear. Or are they? It turns out that giving gifts for Halloween, be it candy, trinkets, or goodie baskets; is much more complicated that one would think!

Since we are speaking about Halloween, this writer tells its readers, Beware! Parameters surrounding surveys can prove or disprove your theory depending upon how you decide to report the numbers. To illustrate, my survey involved questions related to Halloween and giving gifts for Halloween; and I can report that 80.4% of people celebrate Halloween! This could prove a theory, as discussed in my former article, that Halloween may be a dying holiday. However, if I happen to include the fact that the remaining 19.6% pollers were all from Australia, it may give you a slightly different perspective since this fact changes the outcome considerably.

It does appear however, that in some parts of Australia, Halloween is trying to make an impact. Stores are offering costumes, selling candy and gifts for Halloween, to encourage their patrons to participate (equals more sales), and Aussies are beginning to decorate outdoors and hold Halloween parties. So you could say that Halloween is only becoming a bigger holiday as it infiltrates a country that has never participated before in giving gifts for Halloween.

More than half of those participating in the survey decorate their houses both inside and outside for Halloween and almost 70% of people take children trick or treating. The remaining 30% either have grown children now or they live in Australia, and so have not yet caught the Halloween bug. Most people prefer to do their trick or treating in their own neighborhood, church sponsored event or family/friend neighborhood, but tend to do one or more of these choices at Halloween. For example, they will attend a church sponsored event and still visit houses in their neighborhood.

On to the giving gifts for Halloween questions, 88% of those responding do not buy gifts for Halloween either for their own children or for other people. Those that do buy gifts for Halloween for their kids, buy things related to the holiday such as costumes and dress up items. Those who do buy gifts for others indicated that they buy candy as gifts for Halloween, which includes putting them together in goodie bags.

It appears that the numbers speak for themselves with the fact that 94% of participants have never sent goodie baskets as gifts for Halloween. This question was followed by asking if they would ever send goodie baskets as gifts for Halloween. Less than half of the responses said that they would or might consider that as an option. However, one individual who has two children at college, said that for her, this was an excellent way to show her love to them. Sending her girls goodie baskets as gifts for Halloween was a treat for her and she said, "you are never too old for candy and gifts for Halloween!"

As far as the geography is concerned, those who took the time to fill out the survey were 69.2% from the USA, specifically Utah and California. The other 30.8% were from Australia, almost entirely from New South Wales. The final survey question was about the number of children in the family, 34% of which had 5 or more children; 22% had 3 children and 18% had 4 children, the remainder with 2 or less.

We could spend many hours using these numbers to prove or disprove theories, cross-referencing what they could mean, and giving endless statistics; but I believe it still leads to the same answer, and that is, Halloween, and gifts for Halloween, lives on and does not appear to be a dying holiday after-all!

Enjoy yourselves this Halloween season, go ahead, live a little and carve a pumpkin! (Cross it off your 100 things to do before you die list!) Be the first one in your neighborhood to dress up if you live in Australia and scare your friends, it isn't just an American Holiday, in fact, it didn't even start in America! (That's another story for another time!) Cheers!

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