Goodie Baskets can Improve Your Health!

In today's world, Goodie Baskets have developed beyond expectation to where the only limitation is imagination! Did you know that Goodie Baskets come in an unbelievable array of choices now? There are goodie baskets for children, for pets, military personnel, for corporations and they come for a myriad of occasions, from sympathy to thank you, from appreciation to birthday. They also have theme goodie baskets including movie lovers, fruit, nut or cheese connoisseurs. Chocolate lovers, plush animal lovers, romantic and even snack baskets. The choice is yours!

Next time you are thinking of sending a gift, check out your options and enjoy the search! Just think about the list of celebrations that have been added to our calendars the past few years. There is an endless list of everything from Boss's Day, and Secretary's Day, from Grandparent's Day, to Teacher Appreciation Day and Nurses Day, to name a few.

What is the point of participating in these newfound ways of honoring people? Some people may feel that along with holidays already celebrated, such as Valentines; Easter; and even St. Patrick's Day; that these celebrations are becoming over-rated or out of control. Psychologist's however would have to disagree with that mindset as studies show improvement not just in the attitude of individuals but also in the improved health of people who experience praise, love and appreciation resulting from the automatic release of a natural substance in your brain, called Dopamine.

How can we get more of this Dopamine? Simply put, Make Someone's Day! If are in the Seattle, Washington area, you might like to visit the World Famous Fish Market at Pike Place to see firsthand a concept that they believe and teach on a day to day basis. This work ethic has been adopted by many businesses and corporations as they attempt to improve the working relationship and loyalty between the company and its employees.

There are four areas of focus related to the "Fish Philosophy," and they are:

1) Play! (Have Fun)

2) Make Their Day!

3) Be There!

4) Choose Your Attitude!

Continuing to focus on the second point, The Center for Family Development, a small company in SLC, Utah decided to implement these steps into their business model and saw significant improvement on a day to day basis of attitudes, productivity, and health issues diminishing as they grasped a hold of these practices and utilized them. What does this have to do with Goodie Baskets, I hear you ask? Goodie Baskets can make someone's day! The old adage that "presentation is everything" stands strong in relation to this type of gift as well, let me explain.

Imagine if you will, coming into your office or your home, and you see a goodie basket overflowing with your favorite treats enveloped in clear cellophane and decorated with a beautiful ribbon and a gift card, just waiting for you to burst it open. You think to yourself, wait, it's not my birthday, it's not my anniversary, this must be a mistake. No, you discover it's a "thanks for being you," it's a "thanks" for being a great mother, father, boss, employee or friend. It's a "Make your Day" goodie basket for no reason at all. How do you feel right now? What are your emotions? Has anyone ever surprised you before with something, just to make your day?

This feeling is contagious and if you have seen the movie "Pay it Forward," it makes you want to share the love! You in turn want to make someone's day. Imagine the profound effects this type of effort could have with the negativity; sorrow; the remorse; crime; the sadness that we all experience and live with day to day with the current world conditions. It is time to turn it around, it is time to have fun, to choose our attitude and make a difference. Be there for people...for each other...and make someone's day! It could be a smile, a thank you, a candy bar, goodie baskets, a note, a phone call. As the Nike motto screams to us, "Just Do It" and may I add,

"Do it NOW!"





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