Gifts for Halloween......A Dying Holiday?

Looking for unique and "spooky" Halloween gifts can be a fun, yet daunting experience. However, is giving and receiving surprises for Halloween becoming redundant in a dying Holiday? Are stores using this holiday as an opportunity to make more sales by pushing the idea of giving gifts for Halloween or are they losing a fighting battle. What are your thoughts?

In today's society, with the rise in missing children, sex offenders living in your neighborhood and other crimes related to children, Halloween goers may have to take a new approach. For instance, how many children really know their neighbors these days? Children are encouraged not to take candy from strangers, so is it okay to take candy from strangers as gifts for Halloween? Strangers that could be classified as "neighbors?"

Around the United States, giving gifts for Halloween is a huge celebration enjoyed by young and old, however, are the stores noticing a decrease in sales? For instance, in Utah, many people have opted to participate in Church hosted activities known as "trunk and treats," where children are able to receive gifts for Halloween by walking from car to car in a designated parking lot. This works out well for small children, who often in cold weather are able to get enough candy, be done in an hour and go home. However, people who do not have small children feel that this excludes them from participating in Halloween as they miss out on seeing children coming to their houses and so they have stopped buying and giving gifts for Halloween.

Other neighborhoods have also stopped buying gifts for Halloween because they apparently don't live in the "right" area. Older children have been heard saying that they want to go trick-or-treating where the "rich" people live. Once that word gets out, people drive for miles to these houses, leaving their own neighborhoods to get supposed better gifts for Halloween.

Unfortunately, many people feel that what was once a fun holiday for children to dress up in a costume and wander their local neighborhood to receive a modest supply of gifts for Halloween has become nothing more than a greedy display of "get as much as you can for free" event. Due to the negative factors involved around giving and receiving gifts for Halloween, some people are searching for new ideas and solutions to take this holiday back to the basics.

Thankfully there are other options, and first but foremost we need to remember why we do this in the first place. We need to keep things in perspective, after all, how much candy does a child really need? A local dentist in our area, offers children money to replace their candy as an incentive to care for their health, and another dentist gives out toothbrushes and mini toothpaste to those who want gifts for Halloween at his door.

So look for local community information about events for Halloween, you will find them all around you. Many malls have trick-or-treating available to encourage shoppers to come into their stores, which also helps out for bad weather conditions. Watch for Church groups that provide parties and events in your area. Get to know your neighbors so that your children can be safe. Have a Halloween party and invite your friends and family. Choose not to participate at all, there are plenty of people who fit into this category as well.

Another idea is to make Halloween more like Easter and have a basket of gifts for Halloween delivered to your child where you can control how many treats they have access to, or make your own and leave it on their bed. There are many quality products available that would delight young or old children alike, with fun and unique packaging. Just search the internet for gifts for Halloween and you will find an array of selections. Whatever you choose to do with your family this Halloween season, I hope that it will be "spook-tacular."

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